Get more for less with Cisco Refresh

Introducing Cisco Refresh

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) usually have very limited resources to invest in new technologies. They need to consider how to get the best long-term value and make the most of every IT investment made. This responsibility falls directly on IT managers to explore new technologies and keep up with rising expectations, while evaluating the ease of integration with legacy infrastructure.

The good news is that with RedPontem and the Cisco Small and Medium Business portfolio, SMB IT managers now have a complete range of solutions tailored to address every aspect of their organisation’s needs. Empowering them to do more with less.

Buying high quality re-manufactured Cisco products is a great alternative to buying new and a way of extending your IT budget – products sold through Cisco Refresh offer the same quality and performance as new as well as being backed by the same Cisco warranty and service support.


Reasons to consider Cisco Refresh:

  • Spoilt for Choice
  • Approximately 4000 products across all technology areas from: collaboration phones and end points, routers and switches to security and software.

  • At Your Beck and Call
  • Cisco maintain a large inventory of Refresh products which global distributors have access to and carry a range of products in stock or will be available to order upon request.

  • New Recruits Mixing with the Old Guard
  • Reduce costs when procuring individual products or blend Cisco Refresh products with new to reduce the overall cost of a larger project.

  • It’s Easy Being Green
  • Help fulfil your Corporate Environmental Responsibility. A refresh product will; use less energy in the re-manufacturing process, extend the useful lifetime of the product and reduce the amount of electronic equipment ending up in landfill.

    To find out how we can help you procure Cisco Refresh products contact our RedPontem team today!