Cisco Security Solution

Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Security Umbrella the first line of defence against threats on the internet. Because Umbrella is delivered from the cloud, it is the easiest way to protect all of your users, both on and off the network, in minutes.

Cisco Umbrella has a simple but effective methodology – learn, see, block. By constantly scanning threats, it can block any attempts to infiltrate the network, whilst constantly learning and improving.

Other great benefits to Cisco Security Umbrella include:

  • Industry leading network uptime
  • Visibility into traffic both on and off the network
  • DNS and IP layer enforcement

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Cisco Duo

Cisco Duo brings strong user and device verification and mutual exchange of security context, based on the principle of maintaining strict access controls and not trusting anyone by default, even those already inside the network perimeter.

Duo has become one of the most radical cyber security's solutions, and provides strong user authentication and device security hygiene check and visibility. Duo Access Secure access with SSO and detailed device visibility.

Other great benefits to Cisco Duo include:

  • Endpoint Visibility
  • Gain trust in your users
  • Multi-factor authentication methods (MFA)

You can try Cisco Duo for free, just sign up for a free 14 day trial today.

Cisco Cloud Security

As users rapidly adopt the cloud, new security challenges arise. Users need visibility into their cloud environments, and control to secure data and applications.

Cisco® Cloud Security offers your users effective protection for their users, data, and applications in the cloud. In addition to faster threat detection and response, your customers get visibility into Internet activity across cloud applications, all office locations, and roaming devices.

The solution is backed by industry-leading threat information from Cisco Talos security intelligence and resources. Cisco Cloud Security is effective and automated, and open APIs allow for integration into existing security products. It’s simple to use,
deploy, and manage. Now it is easier than ever before for you take advantage of the transition to the cloud.

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Advanced Malware Protection

Cisco’s Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) solution provides continuous detection, retrospective alerting, threat intelligence, advanced analytics, and enterprise capabilities to proactively defend against, and rapidly respond to, today’s most advanced attacks.

AMP provides Breach Detection, Response and Remediation

  • AMP moves beyond point-in-time detection to provide continuous monitoring, behavioral detection, and response capabilities
  • AMP’s enables organizations to improve breach response with retrospective security
  • Enhance breach detection with the latest malware threat intelligence from AMP Threat Grid feeding the existing security infrastructure
  • AMP is built to prevent attacks and rapidly remediate threats in the event of an intrusion, providing protection across the attack continuum

AMP goes beyond traditional point-in-time detection capabilities to deliver retrospective alerting and dynamic malware analysis to stop known and unknown malware from slipping through defences. Even after files traverse a security control point, AMP continuously monitors and analyzes all file activity and traffic (regardless of the file’s disposition) on endpoints, mobile devices, and in the network, recording their every move.

If a file with an unknown or previously deemed “good” disposition starts exhibiting malicious behaviour, AMP will instantly alert security teams with a retrospective alert and an indication of compromise, and provide visibility into exactly what happened. You can see the complete ancestry of that threat—where the malware came from, where it’s been, what systems were affected, and what the threat is doing now.

This retrospective capability—to record the activity of every file on your system and then roll back time to see the origin of a potential threat and the behaviour it exhibited—equips security teams with the visibility to quickly identify a threat, and the control to stop it. They can drastically reduce the time to discover, contain, and remediate malware (even zero-day attacks), and prevent similar attacks from happening again.

Cisco IoT Solution

How Secure Are Your IoT Devices? Are you taking advantage of the benefits of IoT in a way that aligns to your risk tolerance? IoT devices are vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. They cannot protect themselves. These vulnerabilities present opportunities for attackers to gain access to your network where they may install malware, steal intellectual property, or worse.

Cisco IoT Threat Defense is a cybersecurity architecture based on a suite of integrated technologies and services. It is designed to detect and block threats on devices, across your network, and in the cloud.

  • Protects IoT devices using extensible, scalable, and automated segmentation aligned to your business. Segmentation is based on policy and enforced across your network.
  • Secures communications among your locations, no matter how remote, and puts control of third-party access in your hands.
  • Improves your ability to manage cybersecurity risk by helping you assess, design, and implement highly secure IoT solutions with expert-led professional and technical services.

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