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Complex work. Specialised teams. They’re in offices, homes, hotels, and airports.

The current situation showed that remote working is the modern reality of business life, which is not office-based anymore and affects every generation of worker—from Boomer to Millennial— expects to have its workstyle accommodated. But is your business ready for this? Can you provide your workforce with the right collaboration solutions?

A significant portion of Millennials expects to work from home and teleconference regularly. On the other hand, more adult employees find that remote working is an easy and flexible solution to adapt their work life to their family life. That work-life balance concept? They take it very seriously and this is important to know, considering they’re the majority of the workforce. From everywhere, across assorted connected devices, and and considering multi-generational workstyles, now more than ever, collaboration is essential. Yet when some companies try to bring their teams together, things can get complicated.

To help you to get your business ready for remote working, Cisco offers three fundamental solutions for you and your business:

Webex Meetings Devices

Enjoy an incredible shared virtual workspace experience

Cisco Webex Teams Cisco Webex Teams

Cisco Webex Teams comes with every Webex solution. One shared platform, one shared UI, and now one shared and trusted name.

  • Before the meeting - Everyone has the files they need, one-click to join, no downloads, dial-ins or pug-ins
  • During the meeting - Meetings made effortlessly simple on any device. Crisp image and video, background noises muted all ready to brainstorm
  • After the meeting - Work progresses, course correction and scope expansion is simplified. Role players pick up their piece of a project where someone else leaves off.

  • The always-on meeting, sharing, and team experience.

    Cisco Webex Meetings Cisco Webex Meetings

    Cisco Webex Meetings allows you to meet with everyone, in the world, instantly!

    • HD Video and Audio
    • Easy screen sharing
    • Cross-device Compatibility
    • Built-in Meeting security
    • Meetings Recordings and Transcriptions
    • Calendar Integrations

    • All-in-one device for team collaboration

      Cisco Webex Devices Cisco Webex Devices

      The Webex Devices have everything you need for team collaboration. Use the Cisco Webex Teams app to connect with virtual team members through their devices of your choice. Webex Devices offers three different options:

      • Webex Screen - Revolutionises the way you work by combining key requirements for team collaboration in the physical meeting room into a single device.
      • Webex Room Series - Fully self-contained system on a high-resolution 4K 70-inch LED screen. With an integrated 4K camera, embedded microphones, and a capacitive touch interface, the board brings intelligence, style, and usability to meeting rooms, from small to large.
      • Webex Desktop - Specifically designed to facilitate the next level of communication in a distributed workforce.

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