Wireless - Meraki

Cloud Managed Wireless

The MR series is equipped with enterprise-grade features, ideally suited
to demanding environments of any scale.

High Capacity

  • Dedicated dual-band third radio scans the environment continuously, characterising RF interference and containing wireless threats like rogue access points
  • Mesh networking extends coverage to hard-to-wire areas and creates a self-healing network that is resilient to cable and switch failures
  • High-performing 802.11ac MIMO with up to three spatial streams is ideal for HD audio and video, offering higher speeds over wider bandwidths
  • Highly scalable plug-and-play deployment

Unmatched Visibility & Control

  • Classify applications, create bandwidth limits, prioritize, restrict, or block traffic with Layer 7 traffic shaping
  • Configure custom group policies and apply to devices and users easily by device type, VLAN, Active Directory, or RADIUS server
  • Detect and neutralize wireless threats with Air Marshal, a built-in wireless intrusion prevention (WIPS) solution
  • Reveal metrics such as visitor capture rate, duration of visit, and repeat visits by scanning for wireless devices with CMX Location Analytics